Optical Interconnects Conference 2017

5 - 7 June 2017

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Welcome to Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Welcome to the Optical Interconnects Conference 2017

5 - 7 June 2017

Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza
Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza


Welcome to the Optical Interconnects Conference 2017 at the Hilton, Santa Fe, New Mexico!

The sixth IEEE Photonics Society Optical Interconnects Conference, whose roots trace back nearly 3 decades to the Santa Fe Workshop on Interconnections within High Speed Digital Systems, facilitates collaboration to drive new interconnect architectures and technologies from concepts in research labs to commercial realities. The conference covers the complete spectrum of high performance optical and electrical interconnect challenges for Computer Com and Network Systems. This conference focuses on emerging trend and challenges in high performance interconnect such as operating at higher speed >50 Gb/s, advance modulation, FEC, improved energy efficiency, advance packaging of photonics with electronics, and manufacturability.

Hot topics tackled this year include:

  • the pros & cons of on-board optics in datacenter hardware
  • how will the urgent need for 100Gb/s will be met in backplanes and chip-to-chip

The interconnect strategy is crucial in peta- and exa-scale platforms in datacenters and supercomputers. So we look forward to the participation of hardware technologists, network and system architects of peta- and exa-scale platforms in datacenters and supercomputers. We also welcome software application architects, to discuss how physical connectivity relates to application workload distribution.


General Co-Chair

Dominic Goodwill

Huawei Technologies, Canada
General Co-Chair

Benjamin G. Lee

IBM Research, USA
Program Co-Chair

Ali Ghiasi

Ghiasi Quantum LLC, USA
Program Co-Chair

Ilya Lyubomirsky

Facebook, USA

Technical Program Committee

Neal Bambha

US Army Research, USA

Jack Bovington

Oracle Labs, USA

Lukas Chrostowski

University of British Columbia, Canada

Po Dong

Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent, USA

Azita Emami

California Institute of Technology, USA

Marco Fiorentino

HP Labs, USA

Rich Grzybowski


Tian Gu

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Qinfen Hao

Huawei, China

Werner Hofmann

Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Rena Huang

Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

Stephane Lessard

Ericsson, Sweden

Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur

McGill University, Canada

Frederick (Rick) McCormick

Sandia National Laboratories, USA

Samuel Palermo

Texas A & M, USA

Mike Peng Li

Altera, USA

Joyce K. S. Poon

University of Toronto, Canada

Saman Saeedi

Oracle Labs, USA

Sudip Shekhar

University of British Columbia, Canada

Wei Shi

Tianjin University, China

Tomoo Takahara

Fujitsu, Japan

Harris Turk

US Department of Defense, USA

Ryohei Urata

Google, USA

Peter Van Daele

Ghent University, Belgium

S.J. Ben Yoo

University of California-Davis, USA



Until conference begins!

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